Animal Enrichment and Welfare

All animals cared for by Summit Ridge Farms live in a loving, safe, playful and clean environment. We only use non-invasive, humane research methods, developed in conjunction with our clients, for the purpose of enhancing the health, happiness, and care of all dogs and cats. The highest ethical standard of care takes preference over any and all other goals; be it business or research. Everyday we are dedicated to sound scientific procedures in a compassionate environment. Summit Ridge Farms does not participate in studies that jeopardize the health of dogs and cats. No study will be performed on dogs or cats which requires euthanasia. We only use research methods that are the veterinary equivalent of human nutritional or medical studies. Summit Ridge Farms does not conduct studies that cause pain or hurt the dogs or cats, and we do not conduct studies in which surgical or non-surgical methods are used to create or simulate disease conditions. Summit Ridge Farms has an active adoption program that allows for puppy placement in good homes.

Dedicated Personnel

At Summit Ridge Farms, specific policies and procedures involving daily interaction with our dogs and cats have been developed and implemented for the sole purpose of defining our philosophy and mission. That is a mission of caring for all of our animals with respect and with our utmost attention to each animal's physical, psychological, and social needs. Everyone involved with our dogs and cats are also involved with our animal welfare and environmental enrichment. Loving and caring people make the difference!

Puppy Parks

Outdoor facilities for exercise and enrichment provide our dogs opportunities for additional running, play time, and social interaction. These puppy parks are equipped with Astro-Turf tracks, perimeter walkways, and automatic watering systems. Summit Ridge Farms is actively involved in the evaluation of products for enriching the environment of our animals. This includes outdoor structures, play stations, canine gymnasiums and climbing stations, pools, and toys.

Feline Community Living

Summit Ridge Farms has developed a unique group housing environment for cats that actually triples the usable floor space available in each feline "suite." Innovative structures have been engineered to give cats the opportunity to act on their natural feline instincts and safely interact as a group. Community living space includes large window areas overlooking outdoor courtyards, along with all of the amenities to make our cats environment feel like a home!


All dogs and cats at Summit Ridge Farms are given toys. In order to encourage interaction and fun, animal enrichment personnel alternate different toys in order to provide variety and provoke instinctive behavior. Through trial-and-error, we have found the best and safest types of toys for our dogs and cats. Besides the sheer enjoyment toys provide our animals, they also serve to provide additional oral health care, and therefore play an important role in the animals' health and well-being. It has been proven at Summit Ridge Farms, that the incidence of plaque and calculus build­up has been reduced simply by introducing different types of toys.


All animals have human interaction at least three times daily. Dogs are housed in pairs and have contact with other animals. Dogs are rotated into outdoor puppy parks as many times as possible, dependent upon weather conditions. Inside exercise areas are available for running and playing. Cats can see other cats and dependent upon compatibility, have access to our feline community housing.