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Summit Ridge Farms offers a variety of nutritional feeding trials and research services for the pet food industry. Our highly trained staff works one on one with our clients to develop individualized protocols to meet all of their needs and specifications. Quality assurance and service can only be achieved through a hands-on, high tech approach that involved clients in all aspect of our policies and procedures. Summit Ridge continuously works to enrich the lives of our animals. Cats have access to cageless community housing suites with large windows overlooking an attractive outdoor area. All dogs have access to outdoor “Puppy Parks” with play structures for ample exercise. Our dedicated staff and designated Animal Enrichment Team ensure Summit Ridge Farms’ animals get the personal attention and constant socialization that enhances their quality of life. Providing the pet food industry with accurate reliable and precise research is the number one goal at Summit Ridge Farms. We are dedicated to the humane care and welfare of all our dogs and cats. It is our privilege to work with these animals everyday and give them the care and respect they deserve. Sound research provided in an enriched environment makes us your trusted partner. 


Stool Quality Analysis


Blood Level Protocols


Dental Protocols (as per VOHC)

AAFCO Maintenance

AAFCO All Life Stages

Urine pH

Weight loss/with DEXA scans

Gut Health

Skin/Hair Coat


Cat Litter

Toy Evaluation


Long Term Urinary Tract Health

Urine / Relative Super Saturation

Customized Study Protocols


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